Services & Rates

New Dogs

All dogs are required to complete a full trial assessment day, before any daycare or overnight care services, can be granted. The assessment day will include a car ride, introduction to the facility and a group dog walk. We look at each dog’s behaviour, social skills, and overall ability to listen to commands.
This assessment helps to understand each dog, and their ability to interact in the environment provide by Hugs and Kisses Doggie Daycare. We will send feedback throughout the day regarding your dog’s progress.
All assessments can be arranged during the weekday (Monday to Friday). For this assessment day you are required to facilitate the transportation to, and from Hugs and Kisses Doggie Daycare. Drop off is at 8:00 am. Pick up is at 2:00 pm. If this schedule doesn’t work, please give us a ring and we will try to accommodate you the best we can!

Dogs who wouldn’t do well at our daycare:
• Excessive barkers
• Escape artists or those who will try to break off a leash or jump over a fence. Usually this is caused by anxiety or fear. We consider this high risk.
• Aggressive dogs – Food aggressive, people aggressive or toy aggressive none of which will be accepted.

We don’t judge on breeds we see every dog as an equal. We want every dog to be happy while in our care!

All payments are required up front to reserve your spot


We are the most unique doggie daycare around!
– We offer complimentary pickup and drop off service.
– We are kennel free and we include all trail walks in our cost.

We like to keep our groups small (up to 20 dogs) and personalized. Each dog deserves the same amount of love and attention.
The most important part of a dog’s life is exercise. Our walks range from 1-2 hours. We walk rain, snow or shine. Don’t worry we are very cautious of the weather, we have specific places we walk according to the forecast that day.
The daycare is open Monday to Friday from 8am-4pm
We ask for permission to post pictures of all animals in the care of Hugs and Kisses Doggie Daycare. This would be used within social media – our Facebook page

Single Days

Please note: $2 per day has been added to incorporate the carbon tax and the increase on gas. This is not taxed.

This is a single day session. These can be purchased one at a time
1 dog $36 with tax = $39.80
2 dogs (same house) $48 with tax = $52.40

All payments are required up front.

Daycare Packages

All packages are good for three months.
1 dog
10 sessions – $32/day with tax = $356.00
20 sessions – $31/day with tax = $691.50

2 dogs (same house)
10 sessions – $43/day with tax = $471.50
20 sessions – $41/day with tax = $901.00

All payments are required up front. 24/hr cancellation notice required. Session taken off if none given.

Pick Up/Drop Off

We offer a free pick up and drop off service in the Langley area as well as some parts of Clayton Heights. Please contact us if you are unsure if your area is covered.

Pick up time is 8:30 am – 10:00am
Drop off time is 2:00 pm -4:00 pm

Please note due to circumstances such as construction, traffic/accidents, and weather that these times may run longer. We will notify you if running late. We do not offer specific times for pick up and drop off. Delivery is based on the area that you live in.

Not home during those hours? Not to worry! Hugs & Kisses is fully insured to enter your home to provide care needed for your furry family members. If needed you can provide us with a key, alarm code or garage code and your dog will have the time of their life each day without you lifting a finger.

Not comfortable with that? You have the option to drop off and pick up your dog during specific hours. Contact us to find out.

Nail Clipping

The cost is $7.00 with tax = $7.35
If your dog does not do well with their nails and they become aggressive, please do not request this service its best to go to a veterinarian.

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